Frequently Asked Questions

Why is permission to Accessibility required?

The Accessibility permission allows Clearminute to subscribe to specific system events that are used to detect switch in focus between different applications. This in turn enables the seemless automated tracking of activities. Clearminute respects your privacy and collects only data required for delivering the service to you. You can see an overview of the data that is being collected here.

Why are permissions to control my browser required?

When you first open Google Chrome or Safari, you'll be asked to grant permissions for "controlling" the browser. This is required in order to be able to determine the websites you're spending time on. In focus mode, Clearminute will help you stay focused by automatically redirecting you away from distracting websites. Click here to see what data is being collected from the web browser.

How to view and change permissions for browser control?

Go to System preferences → Security & Privacy → Select "Privacy" tab → Select "Automation" from list → Under, you can grant or deny permission to control any of the browsers you've used.

Why is Clearminute not on the App Store?

Apple requires all applications on the App Store to be sandboxed. Unfortunately, designing a sandboxed app limits the potential functionality of the app and would prevent automated tracking features. Clearminute works with the Accessibility API and needs control over other apps (for enforcing focused work). This is impossible to accomplish in sandboxed environment.

Despite that, we highly value the privacy and security of our users. To that end, every release of Clearminute is submitted to Apple to be notarized before releasing to users. In this process, Apple scans the app and performs security checks, giving you more confidence in the security of the app.

What data is being collected from the macOS application?

For local applications, the following data is collected:

For websites, the following data is collected:

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